Visual ice breakers for personal and team development
Bodycue Cards

Bodycue Cards

$34.95 (plus S&H)

Nobody Needs to be Body Clueless. Whether you are an executive, a teacher, a doctor, an actor, a parent, a politician, a lawyer, a journalist or a card shark, with BodyCue Cards you can learn how to read people quickly, listen beyond words and strengthen your messages with the right body language.
A Body Cue is Worth a Thousand Words. BodyCue Cards is a visual kit of 50 cards that decode, decipher, and distinguish various body gestures and the powerful messages they convey. Given that most face-to-face communication is non-verbal, the ability to interpret unspoken messages and control body signals (often unconscious) provides tremendous value in both personal and professional settings.
Enhance or Undermine Your Verbal Message! It is up to you! Body language that is congruent with the spoken word enhances leadership effectiveness and impact. Body gestures that do not match the verbal messages can undermine even the best leader.
Visual Kit of 50 Cards. Each card presents a body gesture, identifies the main body part, provides a description and detailed meaning of the gesture. In addition, you will find useful tips.
Use Alone, With a Group or in a Workshop. Use the cards to learn and sharpen your body language skills. Or, use with a group practicing a scenario like “closing a deal” or “negotiating domestic rules with your spouse”.