Visual ice breakers for personal and team development


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DECxplore™ is a card game, and facilitation tool, that helps players learn more about themselves and each other. Its simple, yet unique, design uses free association to prompt participants to narrate their often untold life stories.

This is achieved by pairing random words, from two different decks of 52 cards, that act as the catalyst for sharing, exploring and connecting. The game also contains 14 reflection cards that can be used at the end to debrief for further learning. DECxplore is an effective tool for team-leaders, trainers, counselors, educators, therapists, and facilitators. It is ideal for team, counseling and personal settings. It can even be used as an ice-breaker at a party!

DECxplore was conceived by Manju Melwani, and developed in collaboration with ForumCards’ principals,Eva Kedar and Roni Witkin.