Visual ice breakers for personal and team development

How to Use BodyCue Cards?

Use the cards to learn and sharpen your body language skills. Or, use with a group practicing a scenario like “closing a deal” or “negotiating domestic rules with your spouse”.

Single User

  1. Divide BodyCue Cards into small decks of 7-9 cards. Make sure cards from different categories are in each deck i.e.,different body parts, open/closed movements, time related and mechanical gestures. Start with one deck at a time. Review the gestures and their suggested interpretations.
  2. Recall when you have seen or used this specific gesture in the past. Visualize the specifics (details and people involved) and what was the relevance of the gesture in that particular situation.
  3. Tryout each of the movements (preferably in front of a mirror). Imagine and visualize the use of the gesture in the future. Imagine yourself or another person such as your boss, partner or co-worker demonstrating this gesture and its meaning in that context.
  4. Continue until you finish all the cards in your small deck. Wait at least 90 minutes before you start the next small deck of cards.

Multiple Users

  1. Select with your group a theme for the game. Below are some examples:
    • A salesman about to close a huge deal
    • Your boss offering you a promotion
    • Your spouse negotiating the domestic roles
    • You disciplining your teenage child
    • A blind date
  1. Arrange the cards with gestures facing up.
  2. Start with the first player randomly picking a card. The player will have 60 seconds to come up with a one sentence explanation for the gesture on the card in the chosen context. The player will then turn the card to the interpretation side (back side) and will read out loud the one sentence explanation provided on the top of the card. When done, the other players will rate how accurate the player was in his/her explanation using a scale (1 low-5 high rating). All players take a turn. The player with the most points wins. The theme can vary after each player or remain fixed throughout the game. The game can be adapted to fit the needs of the group.


BodyCue Cards are an effective tool to teach body language gestures and non verbal communication in a workshop setting. The workshop facilitator can divide participants into small groups to study, practice and interpret the meaning of the different gestures in various home and business related scenarios.
As an Ice Breaker
The group facilitator spreads the cards with gestures facing up. Each participant selects a card, recalls a specific scenario from the past (personal/family relationship or business situation) and demonstrates the gesture to others. Group members try to guess the meaning of the gesture. The participant then shares with the group the meaning of the gesture and their particular chosen situation/scenario.
Related Topics Workshops
Suggested teaching skills

  • Negotiating
  • Debating
  • Networking
  • Listening
  • Teamwork